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These are the testimonials from just a few of the thousands of clients I've served since 1971

I've known Ken Jones as a real estate professional for more than 20 years. So, when a fellow lawyer who was a Trustee for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) called me and said he needed someone to sell 2 multi-million dollar homes quickly, I immediately contacted Ken. Having experience at selling upscale residential real estate at public auctions, Ken immediately laid out a plan of action and diligently executed it flawlessly.

Both homes were unoccupied and in need of cleaning, as well as landscape and pool maintenance. One was totally vacant and also required staging to make it presentable.

Ken hired and supervised maintenance companies and cleaning staff. He personally staged the vacant house and took professional quality photos and videos. He also created high-quality brochures and a dedicated website, as well as writing and placing radio and newspaper ads.

Ken also supervised several other real estate agents who staffed several public Open House events at both homes and conducted the auction as the auctioneer.

In a matter of 4 short weeks, Ken Jones marketed and sold these 2 homes at public auction for a total of $5.3 million (net to the FTC) - a considerable amount more than the Trustee was expecting.

Ken Jones is the consummate professional and I highly recommend him.

Charles E. Blau, Esq., IFAC 
Springfield, NJ

I had one of my homes in Chatham listed with another agent for several months at an asking price of $619,900, but it didn't get sold.

To make a long story short, I took Ken's advice and listed it for $639,900 and didn't allow it to be shown until I finished some renovations . . . and, I'm glad I did.

Ken ​had buyers and agents so anxious to see that house that the minute it went on the market we had several offers that resulted in my selling it for $651,000 in less than 2 days of showings.

Am I satisfied. You bet!​

Ken Terpack 
Builder / Investor

​We considered several different agents before we listed with Ken Jones.

There were ​several reasons why we listed with Ken, including the fact that he offered us professional home staging, which we believe was a very important benefit in helping us get top dollar for our home.

His Property Presentation Pak also made a very favorable - and I believe - a lasting impression on every buyer who visited our home.

I'm sure I could go on and on. But, let me sum it all up by saying, we were VERY satisfied with the whole experience of dealing with Ken Jones.

Thanks so much.​

Tim McEvoy & Barbara Luke 
Mountainside, NJ

Ken did everything he said he would, and then some.

The home staging and your Property Presentation Pak really make a big impression on all the buyers.

And, speaking of buyers. We had over 30 buyers see our home in just the first 2 days it was available for showing. As a result, we had 5 offers, 3 of which were all cash, with 4 of the 5 above our asking price.

We can't say enough good things about our selling experience with Ken Jones.

Thanks for a great experience. And, continued success.

Bob and Beth Housemann
Woodbridge, NJ

We interviewed several other agents before we listed with Ken Jones. Naturally, we were looking for the best deal we could get both in terms of services and commission.

​Our house was shown over 40 times in 17 days by several different agents from a number of different real estate agencies, in addition to Ken's.

In the end, Ken Jones did everything he said he would do and got our home sold in only 17 days!

We're VERY satisfied.

Bob and Lisa Williams
Scotch Plains, NJ
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